Practical And Effective Ways To Clean Carpet

Practical And Effective Ways To Clean Carpet

Practical And Effective Ways To Clean Carpet

Tidying the house into an agenda that must be done. The longer delay this activity, the more dust and dirt that accumulate attached to the household furniture, carpet for example.

As one of the decorative elements that are often found in the family room or living room, carpets of furniture that is easy to dirty. Naturally, walking back and forth from a person who swayed on it made the carpet dirty and sometimes the smell was not good. If you have this, immediately clean the carpet or hub carpet cleaning Spokane. Because the stack is difficult for us to clean it.

Well, here are the simple steps you can do right away to clean the carpet again.

Use a vacuum cleaner to suck the carpet. Clean at least every two days so that the dirt is not difficult to clean. If the stain is still difficult to clean, it means time to wash the carpet. If you do not want to bother, just use the dry cleaning service to clean it up.

Change the location of the carpet at least once a month. Swap rugs that are rarely passed by people, so the color of the carpet is not striped and can be cleaned evenly.

Keep the location of the carpet is not exposed to direct sunlight. Beam rays cause the carpet color to fade easily. Arrange in such a way that the location of the carpet “hidden”.

To eliminate the smell of musty or other odor, try splashing baking soda powder on the surface of the carpet. After 30 minutes, clean the powder with a vacuum cleaner. Baking soda is believed to remove odor from the carpet.

Cleaning the carpet is easy. The important thing is diligent to clean it up, the stools that accumulate even make it difficult for you to keep it. So do not delay cleaning the carpet or other home furniture, especially after a crowded home visited by guests.