4 Easy Tips For Renovating A Home Kitchen

When you want to renovate the kitchen, always think that you have to love the kitchen for a long time. Therefore, choose a timeless kitchen design. Kitchen design doesn’t have to be flashy but uses a functional design. Making a functional kitchen is not an easy matter, especially for a housewife, your kitchen is a representation of yourself. So, what should you do to get a dream kitchen? Check out the easy tips to renovate the kitchen below:

Focus on a simple style

Before starting to renovate the kitchen, try to organize and rearrange the items that you need and items that can not be reused so that your kitchen will always look neat and not invite animals like rats to come. Having lots of equipment in the kitchen doesn’t always show you are a good chef. Instead, these conditions can show your side that can be mistaken or messy. Rearrange the items you need in your kitchen before buying a new wardrobe. The kitchen should be a place that makes your daily activities easier. Items in your kitchen must also be in a place that is easily accessible. Use a strong cabinet to store your cooking equipment. Rearrange equipment and sort placements in terms of the need to reduce difficulties when you cook.

Choose Safe Furniture

When choosing furniture for your kitchen when renovating a kitchen, always remember who is in your home. If you have small children, buy furniture that has no sharp edges. Choose furniture that has a blunt edge. In addition to family security, blunt furniture can provide a comfortable feeling. In addition, buying a closet that is not too high and easy to access by every family member, because if you or your child needs something in a place that is too high, the risk of falling goods is higher which can endanger your family. Place food and spices on the bottom and middle of the cupboard. For cookware, always place it at the bottom of the cupboard to facilitate access and keep it out of the reach of children. For cooking equipment, maximize the budget to buy a stove, because the stove is the core equipment of your kitchen. Use your budget to buy stoves that are safe and have a capacity of gas made of strong materials with a hose that is not easily stretched.

Proper Furniture Placement 

In renovating the kitchen, how and where you put your furniture is very influential on the energy in your kitchen. For trash bins, place two trash bins in different places. For inside the kitchen itself, use a small trash can that is easy to clean. Large trash cans should be placed outside the home and away from the kitchen to maintain the quality of your food. In addition, never forget the safety of you and your family, place the knife out of the reach of children like in a special closet. Place children’s food or snacks in an easily accessible place. Don’t put the stove under the window because the wind that passes through is not good for your kitchen feng shui. The stove should be placed in the center of the room near the sink. Place one dividing table between the stove and the sink. In addition to being safe, your access to water will be easier if a dangerous event occurs.

Choose Suitable Materials 

Have you know the advantages and disadvantages of the material used for your kitchen? There are four materials that are often used in the kitchen:

  • Marble: If you have a kitchen with no windows, use marble to create a cool and comfortable atmosphere. In addition to the elegant material, marble is very easy to clean, making it easier for your activities in the kitchen.
  • Wood: For a more natural sensation, use furniture made of wood. Even though it’s harder to treat because you have to use a special cleanser, wood has a distinctive odor that can create a more natural atmosphere and sensation in your kitchen.
  • Plastic: Avoid plastic in your kitchen because plastic is very flammable and the material is not environmentally friendly.
  • Porcelain: Use porcelain for the floor because it is easy to clean from food, the material is very strong and the price is also affordable.

When renovating your kitchen, always think about the space you need to move while cooking. Make sure the room you have between the stove, table, sink, and refrigerator is large enough to reduce the risk of spills, falls or other hazards. Especially with the presence of small children, you need enough space to create distance between children and kitchen utensils when you are cooking. other than that

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